Welcome to Contempo

CONTEMPO celebrates that discriminating lifestyle of ruthless excellence and refreshing minimalism. Clean white and soft blue lighting Illuminate a simple and uncluttered ambiance, all designed to bring you to that place of relaxation. Your stress dissipates as you unwind on your terrace overlooking the lush jungles of Costa Rica into the deep blue Pacific Ocean. Here you will understand exactly why this hotel has fast become one of the most sought after locations for Gay Clientele.

CONTEMPO Hotel is unrivalled. The only 5 star exclusive gay hotel in the area, with one of the finest views in all of Central America. Tucked in the hills of Manuel Antonio in the midst of the tropics, surrounded by troops of Capuchin and White Faced Monkeys swinging from tree to tree, fascinating Sloths, Iguanas and the compounded songs of the many species of tropical birds echo throughout the rainforest into the evening.